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Event: Bandito Rally - Trials Frontier

Event: Bandito Rally: Leg 1

Start Date: 16/06/2017 - End Date: 20/06/2017

View the global event leaderboard here - Bandito Rally: Leg 1

Below are the 10 Bandito Rally week 1 tracks and there leaderboards.

NB - Tracking the top 6,000 results for event tracks!!

BR-Rocky Desert Bandito Rally Event 0 0
BR-Dust Bowl Bandito Rally Event 40,286 44,680
BR-Snowman Haven Bandito Rally Event 39,668 42,617
BR-Parched Cliff Bandito Rally Event 35,279 37,852
BR-Flower Hills Bandito Rally Event 30,497 32,977
BR-Serpent Slough Bandito Rally Event 28,323 30,595
BR-Night Life Bandito Rally Event 27,501 29,842
BR-Moonlight Towers Bandito Rally Event 26,443 28,627
BR-Underground Slopes Bandito Rally Event 27,225 28,925
BR-Fire Oasis Bandito Rally Event 25,644 27,605

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