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Event: Dakar Rally - Trials Frontier

Event: Dakar Rally: Leg 4
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Start Date: 09/01/2018 - End Date: 13/01/2018

View the global event leaderboard here - Dakar Rally: Leg 4

Below are the 10 Dakar Rally leg 4 tracks and there leaderboards.

Wood Switch City Dakar Rally Event 38,425 43,716
Redrum Hills Dakar Rally Event 35,150 41,087
Peace Hammer Dakar Rally Event 31,994 36,688
Cannon End Dakar Rally Event 28,865 32,383
Arch Ruins Dakar Rally Event 26,144 28,498
Torn Canyon Dakar Rally Event 24,395 0
Nausea Night Dakar Rally Event 23,616 25,781
Overdose Dakar Rally Event 22,771 24,902
Lollygagging Dakar Rally Event 22,715 0
Crystal Kingdom Dakar Rally Event 24,240 27,245
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