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Event: Treasure Hunt - Trials Frontier

Event: Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt event was an event hosted in the month of July 2016. The idea behind it was to collect the 40 missing track pieces that had been hidden in certrain tracks on the game. Once the 40 pieces where collected they unlocked the 4 new tracks listed below.

• 1 piece could be found every 8 hours.
• 5 diamonds could be used to skip the 8 hour timer.

The riders who managed to find each piece first, per platform where shown on an in-game leaderboard which you can see below.

Start Date: 01/07/2016 - End Date: 14/07/2016

Track Piece1st Found By (iOS)1st Found By (Android)

4 x Prize Tracks

High Tide Heights 1 9,145 10,274
Faceplant Precinct 1 9,662 11,029
Razor Dunes 2 8,749 9,180
Choking Hazard 3 8,916 8,344

Bunker Season

#NameLegends iOSLegends AndroidStartEnd
24Lost Treasure Season791120705/07/201602/08/2016

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