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Change Log

This is where you will find all the notes regarding changes and bug fixes to the site.

12/02/2021 @ 00:40 - Fixed a bug with the scan missing option on user profiles. Now works much faster! :)

15/02/2020 @ 23:56 - Added a new page so user can see which tracks require videos adding - http://trials.bonxy.net/tracks/videos

14/10/2019 @ 19:04 - Fixed a bug with player levels not updating. Fixed a bug with a corrupted leaderboard. Fixed some visual bugs. Added some more data to the profile 'Info' box.

26/04/2019 @ 17:51 - Updated tracks and updated languages to match V7.

23/04/2018 @ 07:59 - Added a fix for some old users who have lost that rank or users who have been banned and removed from the leaderboard will now be removed from track leaderboards.

05/03/2018 @ 12:22 - Added a fix to stop tracks from returning 0 as total riders.

28/02/2018 @ 23:24 - Fixed a bug with leaderboards not showing the full amount when cheaters are removed. Fixed a bug where users would appear on leaderboards but profiles would be blank.

01/01/2018 @ 23:45 - Added messaging functionality. All profiles now have a "message" button on them to chat with riders. Riders can view there messages and chats in there inbox located under account settings - http://trials.bonxy.net/account/messages

01/10/2017 @ 20:52 - Fixed an issue where the wrong medal might of been issued if you had more than 1 fault on a track!

27/09/2017 @ 09:12 - Fixed a bug which stopped the highlighting of users on leaderboards.

26/09/2017 @ 23:31 - Fixed a bug with the new avatar was above the menu header.

07/09/2017 @ 21:48 - The site is now fully updated and running the new scoring for the Donkey and Crazy leaderboards.

01/08/2017 @ 09:51 - Updated the site Betaboards, comparison page and profile page to not use scores gained in unreleased tracks to make the leaderboards fair.

18/05/2017 @ 21:35 - Fixed a bug with Donkey scores being over estimated if you got a gold medal. Thanks AurisLT-TFG for the heads up.

05/05/2017 @ 00:06 - Added a placeholder for missing profile pictures.

28/04/2017 @ 00:54 - Added user resources to profile pages. Also changed the search algorithm on the search page.

16/04/2017 @ 06:47 - Added riders "Coins" to profile page. More resources will be shown soon.

10/02/2017 @ 13:02 - Finally. The Betaboards are now live. These new leaderboards will show you the correct leaderboards for Trials Frontier. Calculating your score on every track in the game and totalling it up its not the most accurate leaderboard there is. Visit the Betaboards here - http://trials.bonxy.net/bet

03/02/2017 @ 19:53 - Updated the track times for all donkey and crazy times to reflect the 'Nightlife' scoring rule - http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1441314-Trials-Frontier-Scoring-Explained

25/01/2017 @ 06:22 - Fixed a bug with tables not sorting positions in the correct order.

18/01/2017 @ 20:02 - Improved the speed of the database and site to hopefully improve loading times.

12/01/2017 @ 10:37 - Added more logic to the events to display a time event or score event.

07/01/2017 @ 09:15 - Full site rescan is underway to hopefully repair redlynx broken leaderboards and profile leaderboards.

02/01/2017 @ 18:13 - Fixed a bug that showed the the bunker tracks (Sine City, Bunnyhop, Hill Climb) on the crazy leaderboard. These tracks are not playable with crazy bikes.

25/12/2016 @ 17:00 - Merry Christmas Riders!

23/12/2016 @ 14:04 - The Midnight Club has returned for Christmas with a new event. Think you can handle the power of the might Donkey ? Check it out here - Midnight Club Week 5

11/12/2016 @ 23:11 - You may notice a red number next to the about button in the menu. This is the new notification system to let users know where there has been an update to the change log and also other site wide notifications.

09/12/2016 @ 23:32 - Added some more personalisation to the site and also stopped the 3 bunker tracks from appearing in the crazy bikes section of user profiles.

08/12/2016 @ 13:57 - Added a new meta tag to stop browsers from thinking some of the bigger rider totals where phone numbers.

07/12/2016 @ 10:54 - Fixed a bug where the site would not display the VIP crown for android riders.

06/12/2016 @ 21:56 - The site will now display a little crown next to people who pay for VIP Rider Club in game. There will be more features for Rider Club members in the future.

04/12/2016 @ 23:24 - Added the option to save a profile in the side menu to make it easier to navigate to your personal page. Change the order of the tracks on a users page and the way they are sorted. Highlighted the rider that you have saved in the menu on all site leaderboards. Squished some pesky bugs.

03/12/2016 @ 17:20 - Added a side menu to hopefully move some of the clutter from the normal site pages. Fixed numerous bugs. Added xmas theme and new site logo.

01/12/2016 @ 19:54 - Limited the search results to return 500 results max.

29/11/2016 @ 13:07 - Switched a few things around on the profile page. Made a few performance adjustments to.

05/11/2016 @ 00:38 - Added a search page when a rider is typed from the homescreen. Also added a few quick links on user profiles as that is where a majority of users land.

03/11/2016 @ 12:18 - Added an option to update riders names from there profile page. Visit any riders profile and click the update button as seen - HERE.

13/10/2016 @ 16:02 - Overdue update. Fixed a little issue with the scanner. RL have fixed there end too which means leaderboards are all perfect. Also added the new Midnight Club Halloween events in the Events Hub. The site title in the header will now shorten when on a mobile device.

07/08/2016 @ 20:31 - Fixed a bug that caused results for cross platform riders to be messed up. Added another index. Site rescanning.

07/07/2016 @ 21:52 - Fixed a bug where it causes some riders to disappear from a track leaderboard.

06/07/2016 @ 20:44 - Added the Treasure Hunt events page. Also fixed a bug with the CSS for some leaderboards.

27/06/2016 @ 12:57 - Updated user profile pages to show the tracks which they have not ridden yet so people know where they can improve. Also updated the caching code in places. Added platforms to the leaderboards as requested.

13/06/2016 @ 22:49 - Created the Legend Leaderboard, the most prestigeous leaderboard ever known. Basically, its ordered by how many times you have became legend in the Trials Frontier Bunker. Unfortunatly, some of the early seasons are missing but we are working on a way to replace that data. Also fixed a bug with the android scanner not updating.

05/06/2016 @ 17:41 - Added a new column on a users homepage to show which medals (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) they have.

03/06/2016 @ 22:06 - New addition: Garage. A collection of your bikes and some stats to go with it.

28/05/2016 @ 21:11 - Tried to add missing stats to The Bunker which i found on the TF forum. If anyone has any more stats please let me know.

11/04/2016 @ 22:38 - Edited The Bunker so it can be sorted by platform etc. Add some more improvement to site caching.

10/04/2016 @ 00:25 - Overhauled the leaderboards. There is now a donkey and crazy leaderboard as well as a way to switch between platforms and show more results. You can now see donkey and crazy results per track as well.

07/04/2016 @ 00:14 - Re-wrote a lot of the code which saves all a riders data. Should see the donkey and crazy bikes updated a lot more often now. Add functionality for donkey and crazy leaderboard which will be here very soon.

03/04/2016 @ 15:07 - Added The Bunker.

15/03/2016 @ 23:01 - Added sortable tables.

05/03/2016 @ 04:04 - Starts as an idea.

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