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Event: Dakar Rally - Trials Frontier

Event: Dakar Rally: Leg 2
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Start Date: 01/01/2018 - End Date: 05/01/2018

View the global event leaderboard here - Dakar Rally: Leg 2

Below are the 10 Dakar Rally leg 2 tracks and there leaderboards.

Drifter Valley Dakar Rally Event 39,272 31,858
Burnyard Dakar Rally Event 34,146 28,740
Pipe Basin Dakar Rally Event 30,133 26,239
Planks and Mozzies Dakar Rally Event 27,510 24,441
Burning Bushes Dakar Rally Event 24,470 22,159
Ghost Town Dakar Rally Event 23,750 21,569
The Beamery Dakar Rally Event 22,181 20,473
Deadwood Valley Dakar Rally Event 20,943 19,594
Lookout Point Dakar Rally Event 20,608 19,335
The Trebuchet Dakar Rally Event 21,478 19,743
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