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Notes - Trials Frontier




The reason for building this was to view my Trials Frontier data clearly (http://trials.bonxy.net/bonxy). I wanted to see what my times where on certain tracks and then be able to organise them so i could beat them.

Before long i had over 100,000 users in my database and it went from there.

The site has grew over the year and numerous features have been added including The Bunker, Events and the updated accurate Betaboards.


Why dont I have any tracks under my profile ?
How often do the leaderboards update ?
What data do you change ?
Why is there a time on my profile ?
Whats the score on my profile ?
Can i see leaderboards from either platform ?
What is the bunker ?
Is there a list of available tracks ?
My username is not correct ?
How do i change my avatar / profile pic ?
How do i save my profile ?
What is the VIP Crown ?

Thank Yous

Big thanks to Andrey Fyodorov for helping me out along the way!

Another thank you to Xitooner for cracking the TF scoring algoryhtm.

Thanks to dutscher-DE for his track map and sprites. :D

Shout out to Bryan235465 for helping implement the TF scoring.

Thanks to Aurimas for finding bugs for me to squash!

Big shoutout to Alexander Sizov for helping with... everything!

Thanks to everyone else for finding bugs and generally helping out. Here's a cookie!

Contact Me

If you wish to contact me with ideas or bugs you can do so by;
- Emailing me: s...@b....y
- Tweeting me: @Bonxy
- Post in the Trials Frontier Group - Trials On Facebook

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