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The reason for building this was to view my Trials Frontier data clearly (http://trials.bonxy.net/apple/bonxy). I wanted to see what my times where on certain tracks and then be able to organise them so i could beat them.

Before long i had over 100,000 users in my database and it went from there.

The site has grew over the year and numerous features have been added including The Bunker, Events and the updated accurate Betaboards.


The site grabs the top 2,000 highest ranking riders per platform from each track. If you only see 4 tracks under your profile, its because you have not climbed into the top 2,000 riders on other tracks. I can do a full profile scan for you though if you ask! :)

The leaderboards are updated daily grabbing the top 30,000 riders every time. You can see the leaderboards here - http://trials.bonxy.net/leaderboards. You can view more people from that leaderboard or a track page by using the Filters button positioned at the top right of the page - View Leaderboards

The data is displayed as it is in the game. Nothing is changed or manipulated. I would like to come up with a way to work out the leaderboard but have not figured it out yet. If you have any ideas, please contact me below.

The total time shown on a user profile is the total of all the track times they have participlated in.

The score on your profile is a total of all the points you have accumalted from the tracks you have ridden.

You can use the Filters button at the top right of any leaderboard to filter by iOS or Android platforms, or display more riders and other options - View Leaderboards Here.

You can view showdowns, prizes and legends in The Bunker.

A list of tracks is available here - Track List.

Anyone can update anyones username by clicking the Update button on a users profile as seen - HERE.

You can update your uPlay photo and username by logging into uPlay here - club.ubisoft.com.

Setting a profile in the menu has never been easier. Search for your uPlay name on the search page and then click the + button in the search results. More guides can be seen - HERE.

This is displayed next to riders who have subscribed to VIP Rider Club in game.

Thank Yous

Big thanks to Andrey Fyodorov for helping me out along the way!

Another thank you to Xitooner for cracking the TF scoring algoryhtm.

Thanks to dutscher-DE for his track map and sprites. :D

Shout out to Bryan235465 for helping implement the TF scoring.

Thanks to Aurimas for finding bugs for me to squash!

Big shoutout to Alexander Sizov for helping with... everything!

Thanks to everyone else for finding bugs and generally helping out. Here's a cookie!

Contact Me

If you wish to contact me with ideas or bugs you can do so by;
- Tweeting me: @Bonxy
- Post in the Trials Frontier Group - Trials On Facebook

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