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Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to the 2017 Easter Egg Hunt event hub!

The Egg Hunt 17 event has riders searching high and low on tracks to find hidden eggs. The more eggs you collect, the more prizes (see below) you win!

Egg Hunt Stats

Total Riders336,151
iOS Riders128,487
iOS 5%6,424
Android Riders207,664
Android 5%10,383
Total Eggs2,638,768
Fuel Spent29,026,448


- View Egg Locations Here
- Easter Egg Hunt Leaderboard

7 x Prize Tracks

Break and Enter 2 7,846 9,506
Frozen Rapids 1 16,684 21,216
Icy Altar 1 3,154 5,208
Kaiju Canyon 2 9,732 11,389
Mile High 3 5,016 6,085
Rabbit Hell 3 4,314 5,548
Snowcap Smackdown 1 4,003 6,100

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