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Orbies Quest Hunt 2019

Orbies Quest Hunt

Welcome to the 2019 Orbies Quest Hunt event hub!

The Orbies Quest Hunt event has riders searching high and low on tracks to find hidden orbs. The more orbs you collect, the more prizes (see below) you win!

Orb Hunt Stats

Total Riders193,643
iOS Riders59,705
iOS 5%2,985
Android Riders133,938
Android 5%6,697
Total Orbs3,040,261
Fuel Spent33,442,871


- Orb Hunt Leaderboard

6 x Prize Tracks

Barter Town 1 2,370 4,011
City Hallway 1 5,263 7,623
Frostbite 3 4,845 7,882
Peak Route 2 9,103 12,909
Ray Of Deception 2 4,042 8,407
Wildwood Escape 3 9,314 12,576

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